I love exploring coffee all around the world, but here are some of my local favorites.

DMV Favorites

Here's a collection of coffee roasters and shops that are doing great work.


Small Planes in Washington, D.C. Top notch single origin coffee.

Rare Bird in Falls Church, VA. Some of the best in NoVa.

RAKO in Lorton, VA. Just getting started but really promising.

Café Amouri in Vienna, VA. These folks know what they're doing.

Lost Sock in Washington, DC. A promising upstart.


Peregrine Espresso in Washington, D.C. The sister company to Small Planes, serving Small Planes in their shop. Top tier espresso.

Rare Bird in Falls Church, VA. In addition to the roaster, they have some seating to get some freshly brewed pourovers or espresso.

North Side Social in Arlington and Falls Church, VA. Great for a coffee meeting, a decent cup of coffee, and tasty baked goods. Serves wine and beer in the afternoon.