JavaScript Development is too Complicated

JavaScript Development is too Complicated

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Don't get me wrong - I love JS development. But I also thing there's lots that could be improved.

This is a collection of articles, tweets, and anything else that makes talks about the complexity of development JavaScript for the modern web.

Long Form

"Second-guessing the modern web", Tom MacWright

If not SPAs, what?, Tom MacWright

"In Defense of the Modern Web", Rich Harris

"Unpopular Opinion: Nodejs and Insert SPA Framework is the Wrong Choice for My Next Indie Hacker Project, yours truly

Modern JS tooling is too complicated. Yep? Nope?, JSParty Podcast. HackerNews post (with comment threads)

Are we making the web too complicated Laurie Voss (formerly of npm)


"I find myself puzzled every time I have to spend hours on [JS] plumbing instead of code, and reminds me of the fragility of the ecosystem" Sarah Dayan (Tweet Thread)

"Front-end development is development. We use compilers, bundles and package managers, just like any other group of developers. There’ll always be problems, but a ton of volunteers have poured endless hours into making it, frankly, a lot nicer than what most other communities use." Adam Rackis (Tweet)

General Pieces on Tech and Complexity

"Moving my serverless project to Ruby on Rails", Alex Kotliarskyi

"The Majestic Monolith", DHH

"Choose Boring Technology", Dan McKinley